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 Recently I've switched over to using Tumblr for most of my blogging needs.  Using LJ only to check up on things as opposed to posting.  I was wondering if anyone else has a Tumblr account?  I'd like to increase my list of people I'm following. :D   If you want to add me my name is Savvymac.  
Does anyone remember a Buffy video about Spike called Strip Tease? Anyone know where I can find it?


A little help

Lately a lot of people seem to be teasing me/suggesting I go back to my natural hair color. Personally, I like being blonder because I think it works with my skin tone, I don't look so washed out. But, I keep hearing it (even the boyfriend says so, but he says that's just cause he's never seen my real hair color) so I'm considering it. Lord knows it would save me $$$ at the salon. :) So I know it's probably vain but I'm making a poll. Please vote on which hair color you think suits me better.

Blonde! ^


Which hair color is better?


Jobs :P

Well, my job search continues. I have applied to about eleven places and been formally rejected by two, I'm on the "standby list" for one, and I'm still particularly positive and waiting to hear back from three. The others? Not so sure, I submitted resumes because they were friends with someone and just said "Sure shoot it over" but didn't necessarily have any openings. I'm still hopeful though! In fact, the one interview I thought I bombed and they would never call me back just told me they were still looking so at least the process isn't over yet!

I really need to get a better grip on this job search thing. There are so many people to keep in touch with, call, send notes to...its crazy. But I'm pretty much on top of it. Hopefully I will find a job where I will be very happy. I know the one I really want and my fingers, eyes, and toes are all cross but I dare not speak its name for fear I will jinx it!

Oh well, I may have been rejected a few times but I know that's all part of the process. I'm fresh out of college and a lot of these places want more experience then I have. I just need to learn to sell myself better! Just gotta stay positive. :) I'll probably be back here in a week saying "I QUIT! I'LL JUST LIVE IN MY PARENTS BASEMENT!" But hopefully not.

Friday I leave for Europe, a nice tour through the Mediterranean. I'm not fully excited yet, I don't think the reality that I'm going has sunk in and I'm also going to miss my phone calls with Ben a lot!, but I'm getting there! Should be fun once I'm off that horrid 9 hour flight. >.< I also need to buy a new book before I go. I'm just about the finish The Memoirs of Helen of Troy by Amanda Elyot, which was extremely good by the way, so I'll need something for my trip!

Well after a bad day yesterday, I've laid in bed almost all day today and now I think I'm going to get up and buy a Sims 2 EP to cheer myself up. :P


I just came across the weirdest thing looking up other airports in the Atlanta area for cheaper flights. Yeeeeeah...did you know you can HIRE a plane specifically for the purpose of joining the mile high club? There's a mattress in the back!!!! And the part that freaks me out the most? There's only a curtain separating you from the pilot. >.< Mildly romantic (when they talk about the countryside at sun set) but...creepy at the same time.



Buffy Fans, I need your help!

I'm hoping to get my boyfriend into Buffy, since he never saw the show when it was on the poor guy. Normally I'd just say he should borrow my season 1 dvd and go from there but, personally, I think the show starts out a little slow. So I was thinking I'd pick about a handful of episodes that really capture the essence of Buffy to see if he likes it, then if he does we can start watching it from the beginning.

So here's my question for my friends list! What episodes would you suggest? I was thinking of:
Fear, Itself
The episode where Buffy sends Angel to Hell (can't remember the title)? maybe.
Once More With Feeling (might wait for Dragon*con for him to see this one lol, but with everyone singing along that might not be good).

That's what I had off the top of my head. Help please! :D



WOO! My guild just cleared Gruul's Lair! YES!!!!!!!!!!